S6302319 S6302320 S6302321 S6302322 S6302323 S6302324 S6302325The S&S big bore kit offers 1250cc a far cry from the stock 883cc





This kits fills up the engine bay nicely




A hot set of cams installed on same motor



New high performance heads from Screamin Eagle should do the trick on this build



James gaskets everywhere except heads we will use the metal for this one



Heads bolted on make the motor look beefy




other side looks good too.Stay tuned as we go along

my bike 2017

S6302212 S6302214 S6302215 S6302216 S6302217







This bike will ride and handle much better with Progressives new drop in Gas charged  shocks installed. And look nice with new Chrome lower legs.Paint will be next.